Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring Meeting Notes 2008

A member from the UNC Health Services spoke about the "Wellness Services"Alcohol Education Classes and the Substance Abuse Prevention programs. The Campus Police have a new citation to work towards accountability. Also, there may be a $100K grant coming the NCAA for funding.

Stephanie Willis, CHCCS, spoke about the Youth Risk Behavior Survey. The results have been merged with the results from a more in-depth survey which was developed locally. The merged results are showing trends are decreasing. She thanked both Orange County ABC and Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools as contributors. Regina Probst was involved in OPC receiving funding for Drug Free NC. Pam Diggs was mentioned for her involvement in the Tobacco Reality Unfiltered.
Chapel Hill High School sponsored two mock car crashes the day before the school's prom. The community agencies who made the event happen include Chapel Hill Police, Chapel Hill Fire Department, Carrboro Police, Carrboro Fire Department, Orange County EMS, Orange County 911 Operations, Orange County Sheriff's department and NC ALE agents.

Matt Sullivan of the CHPD gave an update on the Parent Education Forums or "Reality Check". The goal of these events is to get information about drugs and alcohol to parents. Over 200 parents from the local middle and high schools attended the presentations. They also help form parent alliances. Matt also has shared the youth risk behavior survey at the CHPD in-services.

Drew Smith, Devel Dir at the Chapel Hill YMCA unveiled displays of plans for a new Youth Center. A capitol campaign has begun to raise 5 million to build a community place for after school programs. Focus groups have been formed to determine what types of things will be included. To mention a few, homework rooms, battle of the bands, freestyling, gymnasium, boomerang program, and much more. Jeff Lloyd, Asst Youth Dir, has had more success holding the Middle School Madness events. These nights include open basketball, having the aerobics room become a dance hall and making concessions available. For more information or to make a donation, contact Jerry Whortan, Exec Dir or Drew Smith, Devel Dir.

The Town of Chapel Hill’s Youth Council will accept applications through June 30 from high school students interested in joining. The youth council is a great way for students to meet their peers across the school district. Since its first meeting on Jan. 28 with 16 students, the youth council has grown to 24 students. Applicants must reside within the district of Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools, but they may be attending public, private, home school or charter school. The youth council currently meets from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Monday at Hargraves Center, 216 N. Roberson St. The purpose of the youth council is to familiarize and involve its members with the various departments of Town government, the Town Council and Mayor’s Office. Participants also are expected to become involved in community service projects. Through membership in the State Youth Advocacy Council, there are opportunities to attend workshops, conferences and retreats designed to enhance leadership, team building, and service learning skills. Applications and information is available online at or by contacting Liz Mason Carter at 968-2787 x 212 or mail her

Judy, ABC Board, has been evaluating I.D. Scanners for the ABC stores. They have been having success with the number of brochures being taken and the underage drinking messages printed on the paper bags. ABC has also been applying for educational grants to help raise funds. She spoke about the TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) education and training for the responsible service, sale, and consumption of alcohol.

Laura Wenzel, Pa'lante Director, was involved in creating presentation on alcohol use and consequences. The presentation was shown several times at different places such as the Annual Health Fair at the UNC Hospital. There were surveys that were given before and after the presentation with good results. Pa'lante will host Nights of the Stars at the Carrboro Century Center on June 12th. This is an alcohol-free event. Radio Pa'lante broadcasted prom info about safe dating and setting boundaries. The teens were talking about not drinking as well.

Lauren Wilson, Agent of the Alcohol Law Enforcement, has been handing out violations and having the CHPD follow up on alcohol compliance checks.

Craig Lloyd, Executive Director MADD NC spoke about the many programs that are sponsored by MADD. Protecting You, Protecting Me, Road Ready Teens, Think MADD, For Your Child, Outside the Classroom, UMADD, Parent Resources, Youth Statistics, Laws in NC, Why 21, Media Resources, 3 Screen School Assembly programs and MADD Class Packs.

Dale spoke about the NHTSA Grant, the Roadside Survey performed by the UNC Highway Safety Research Center. More parents want Law Enforcement to pursue those providing alcohol to our youth more than searching for parties. She also nominated the CHPD for "Law Enforcement Partner of the Year", talked about the Cat's Cradle asking for volunteers to do breathalyzers for youth entering the establishment, the Alcohol Purchase Surveys to find if establishments are selling without asking for an ID, and thanked the CHPD once more for following up on doing compliance checks.

Michael Eisen, NC Dept of MHDDSAS, gave more kudos to the Chapel Hill and Carrboro Police for their involvement. He spoke about the "Tipping Point", where the community takes control from the vendors of the vice. For example, the impact that "Truth" had on cigarette sales. Take It Back is a national youth-directed movement to reduce alcohol problems. He mentioned environmental management strategies and the influence of the OJJDP. The Strategic Prevention Framework. The governors’ proposed budget includes increasing the alcohol tax to raise funds for substance abuse programs. The cost of underage drinking is estimated at $1.2 billion per year and increasing the tax could raise 80 million per year to support abuse programs. You can view information from the Institute of Medicine.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Community Coalition Meeting

The Coalition for Alcohol & Drug Free Teenagers
of Chapel Hill & Carrboro
invites you attend our Spring lunch meeting on:
Thursday, May 22nd at 12:00pm.
This meeting is an opportunity to report out to the community about the many exciting and promising Coalition initiatives, as well as to hear from you as to concerns, celebrations or needs. Please let me know if you or your agency would like to report out or make an announcement. An agenda will be sent out just prior to the meeting.

A "complimentary lunch" will be provided. Please kindly RSVP by Monday May 19th if you plan to attend this meeting so we can be sure to have enough food on hand.

Location: Squid's Restaurant, 1201 15-501 Hwy Bypass, Chapel Hill, 942-8757 This meeting open to the public. Please forward this invite to others who might like to attend.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Dale Pratt-Wilson, Director
The Coalition for Alcohol & Drug Free Teenagers
of Chapel Hill and Carrboro